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Monday, 7 July 2014

Battlefront 15mm Plastic Shermans and Stugs

I've finally finished the vehicles fron the Battlefront starter set I bought last summer! 
In all there were six  M4A2 Shermans and two Sherman Firefly's........
........three Stug III's.....
.....and finally a V1 Flying bomb on its launch ramp!

I'm very pleased with how they've all painted up. Much better than might be expected.
Each sprue (German Stug and Sherman) comes with it's own storage and spare track links etc. allowing for a bit of individuality.
They also came with a choice of three commander figures. It was suggested you might use these to differentiate different levels of command within a unit. This I thought was quite a nice idea as there's a particularly senior looking chap with a big moustache!
Altogether nice models and good value for money.


  1. Very nice. The tanks are excellent, but I do quite like the V1

  2. No "Drive me closer so I can shoot them with my pistol!" commander figure? I am disappointed .... ;)

    Great work on the builds and nice paintwork.

  3. Ha ha. Yes iffy I were a FoW player I'd probably have done that!

    I've since discovered that most British shermans had their 50 calls removed as they kept catching on trees! I wish I'd known as I'd have left them off as they keep breaking off anyway!