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Monday, 7 July 2014

Plastic Soldier Company Tiger I build-up review

I bought this single bagged kit months and months ago, put it "safe" on the shelf and forgot all about it (along with several others - so look out there's more to come).
The kit comes all on one sand coloured sprue.
The PSC website has some clear drawings detailing which parts are required to build one of three possible marks. You can see from the picture there are both rubber tyred road wheels as well as the pressed steel late war versions. There are also optional turret parts and exhausts.
I chose to model a late war Tiger with crew out of their hatches looking for allied aircraft, together with spare track links to boost the armour protection.
Part fit us very good.
The mouldings are all crisp and flash free.
Going together very well indeed.
The running gear was equally simple to assemble
Assembling the wheel sets is foolproof.
As ever with PSC AFVs, the tracks need care when choosing which piece goes where. In the Tiger's case it simply requires some careful dry fitting to sort out which fits which set of wheels.
I found the need for a spring clamp was needed whilst the glue went off.
The hull parts (top, bottom and rear plate fit together nice and you have the option to leave the hatches open or closed and add figures too. I opted to leave the driver's head out, but later regretted it as the turret can't be rotated anticlockwise!
Finally it's just a case of sticking together the four sub-assemblies.
In the flesh a very imposing model cturing the look of the Tiger really well.
Finished in standard three colour camoflague it really looks the part.
A lovely little kit. Easy to build, flexible with all the options a good value for money.

I've tried it against my Forged in Battle Tiger (sorry no picture) and the dimensions match up very well.


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