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Monday, 7 July 2014

Eden Camp nr. Malton, East Yorkshire

As you can probably tell from the frequent postings, I have now completed my Diploma college course and have time once again to get modelling.....
Last week on a trip oop North I was allowed three hours to visit the wonderful Eden Camp. A former British POW camp housing around 2000 Italian and German inmates until the Kate 1940's, it's now a museum telling the story of both world wars. They also have a lively collection of preserved AFVs and I thought you might like to see them.
A very nice M16 Multiple Gun Mounted half-track. The exterior was well painted and very tidy, but sadly the interior was going to rack and ruin (true of most exhibits, sadly).
155mm Long Tom
Churchill Crocodile (less trailer)
Though it still had the articulated connection
And the flame projector nozzle
Though inside it was a bit of a mess
A DUKW......with so many holes it will never float again.
A lovely example of a M50 Super Sherman (which I've seen on the web previously painted in olive green with allied stars!)
Nice to see it more authentically decorated.
A shiny recently repainted T34/85
Not sure about the red hammer and sickles, but looks the part
An ex-British Alvis Spartan that had seen better days
Missing all it's cupola vision blocks but still had the windscreen wipers in place!
A 25 pounder
With a Lloyd Carrier tow
Marked up as an Sdkfz251/Aus D, this was clearly a Czech Post war half track.
Nice though, all the same.
Finally a tidy Daimler Ferret.

A very good museum, value for money and informative. If you're up that way I can very highly recommend to pay them a visit.


  1. What a shame they feel the need to write "Eden Camp" all over everything!

    1. If folks are going to take photo's of our vehicles and then sell/use them for commercial purposes, at least we get a little bit of publicity. Also, as you will be aware, it was very common for lads to name their vehicles and aircraft during the war, so what's the difference in us naming all our vehicles 'Eden Camp'? You can't say it is historically inaccurate...

  2. Good point. I hadn't even noticed til you said!