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Sunday, 28 September 2014

HOTT, 10mm Lizardmen Army

I ordered this army at the same time as my Dark Elves and some mdf bases. At just £10 it presents excellent value providing all you need to start off your New HOTT army.
The army comprised the following;
1 x Behemoth (General on a giant tortoise) @ 4AP
2 x Magicians with bodyguards @ 8AP
2 x Shooters @ 4AP
3 x Riders @ 6 AP
4 x Hordes @ 4AP

All in all, two more APs than needed for a standard army.
The Lizardmen themselves are sort of crocodile in looks and I think, rather charming! The Riders are mounted on rather friendly looking dinosaurs who wouldn't be out of place in the Flintstones!
The boss an sits astride a giant Tortoise. Perfectly as described in the rule book but again not looking immediately aggressive. But who can fail to like the figure...it's beautifully sculpted a real gem.
The rank and file are all armed with what look to be home-made weapons - perfect for Hordes.
Altogether another colourful addition to the collection. I now have 8 HOTT Armies in 10mm scale. Enough Good and Bad guys to try out a mini campaign I think.

I've a stack more Dwarves I won on eBay which I think will allow me to field two Mass -Battle HOTT armies when finished. But I still want an Orc Army.....always my favourites in Warhammer and a Warmaster. Maybe next year?

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