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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Zvezda 1/100 BTR80

I finally decided to give one of the Zvezda 15mm modern vehicles - the BTR80 APC..
When this range was first announced I was very excited as I naively thought this would do for 15mm modern gaming what their Art of Tactic range had done for WW2.
I was therefore somewhat disappointed when I found out their rather over inflated prices when compared to said WW2 range!
At over double the WW2 equivelent (£6.50 versus £2.99) they are similar prices to QRF's metal castings. I think I read somewhere that they were priced higher as the manufacturer believed there was a smaller market and needed to cover their costs. These kits do, however, include a decal sheet.
Having said that, I can buy these in my local model shop with no post and packing to add, whenever I want to. And it was this that finally pushed me over the edge.
And I'm glad I did. The BTR is a lovely little model. Quick to assemble and a pleasure to paint. This particular finish is of my own imagination, so I can use the model with my Arab forces in FoF or Ak47 games. Will I buy more? Indeed.....just waiting for those T72 s to come back in stock.

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