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Saturday, 13 September 2014

HOTT - Latest Army. The Dark Elves have arrived

Just finished the latest addition to my HOTT empire, the Pendraken 10mm ready packed army.
Once again, splendid value for money, at only £7!

It consists of;-
1 x Hero (General) @4AP
1 x Witch Elves @4AP
3 x Riders/Knights @6AP
3 x Spears @6AP
1 x Blades @2AP
1 x Shooters @2AP

24AP in total.
These need to dry overnight and then they'll be ready to use. 

Still to finish off are my Arthurian HOTT army (owing more to the film Excalibur than the Dark Ages) and after that my Lizardmen Army. Should keep me out of mischief......

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