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Sunday, 14 September 2014

HOTT - 10mm Arthurian Epic Army

This army came about after I re-discovered some 10mm Medieval figures I had left over from creating a Bretonnian Warmaster Army a few years ago.
I found I had 4 barded knights, 3 mounted armoured men at arms and 15 bowmen. To boost these up I ordered a pack of 5 knight, King and General  and a wizard figures from Pendraken at the same time I ordered my Dark Elves and Lizardmen. 
Together I was able to create the following force;-
1 x King Arthur (Hero General)  @4AP
1 x Lancelot (Hero) @ 4AP
1 x Merlin (Magician) @4AP
4 x Knights of the Round Table (Knights) @8AP
2 x Bowmen (Shooters) @4AP
With an extra base of Shooters left over!
Another fun army to try out for next to nothing in costs. HOTT has got a lot to answer for.....it's very addictive.

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