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Friday, 10 October 2014

Warlord's 28mm Bren Gun Carrier

PI'd been a good boy (decorated my daughter's bedroom) so Colette treated meto the new a Warlord 28mm Bren Gun Carrier model.
It's very well moulded in grey plastic on two sprues. The box includes easy to follow instructions and a small decal sheet.
To keep things square and true start with the bulkhead fixed to the floor pan.
Then it's easy to locate the rear plate and sides.
All fit together well with no gaps.
The engine cover goes in next - with the slop towards the rear. Afterwards fix the engine top cover with the 't' shaped piece towards the front.
There's a choice to build either a Mark I or II. I chose the MkII so fitted the stowage box on the rear. There's a nicely sculpted tarpaulin roll to hang over this, but beware, this won't fit if you've also fitted the smaller stowage box on the rear mudguard as per the instructions. 
I got over this by thinning the smaller stowage box until it fitted below the tarpaulin, but could have simply fitted it to the passenger side front mudguard as seen on many wartime photos.
I then fitted to two track units.
The MkII has different mudguards. These had two locating pins on the back.....but nowhere for them to locate! To make them fit I had to cut these off. Even then I wasn't entirely convinced they looked correct as they stick out at the same angle as the rear foothold.
This image of a wartime Wasp seems to confirm that this is correct. So I'll leave them as they are.
The kit comes with four figures. There were four seperate heads, three with helmets and one with a beret. I guess they intend the driver to have the beret.....but I'd have preferred all to be in helmets. I guess if you have the Warlord multi pose British Infantry figure set you'll have so spare heads to do this.
As they need to be fixed in place before the front plate goes on, and I would rather paint them first, I have left the front plate loose for now.
So far so good. Nice model....a couple of minor challenges....but no show stoppers.

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