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Friday, 10 October 2014

Zvezda 15mm Daimler Dingo Scout Car

Whilst they hadn't got the KV2's, my local model shop did have. The new Dingo Scout Car.
I guess I'm just addicted to this range of models as £2.99 seems a lot for such a tiny model!
No instruction sheet for this one, the nine parts (including four wheels!) go together rather easily following the exploded drawing on the back of the box.
All the parts are on one sprue.....hardly surprising really!
They are quick to clean up.
And it makes up into a lovely little model. Watch out for the fine mg barrel which would be easily broken. I'd have liked it to be built with the top hatch open. Not an option straight out of the box, but I may revisit this and attempt the surgery required to add some surplus PSC commander figures.
Here it is alongside some recent builds, to give you an idea just how tiny it really is!

Nice kit.

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