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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Warrior Miniatures 10mm DBA Armies

I bought these figures about 5 or 6 years ago when I was toying with a Warmaster Ancients project. The Warrior Miniatures 10mm historical figures are only available in Army Packs which contain a mixture of figures of the manufacturers choice. I think that the mixture had in mind to create a DBA army, but they are not sold as such. With a bit of imagination I was able to produce two DBA armies (14 bases of Romans so two extra, and 12Celts).
The army packs cost just £4 these days and state that they have 50 figures. Both of the packs I ordered (the Romans and Celts) had at least 60.
The mix of Romans figures gave me;
A General/Command base - not really required, but the set included a nice mounted officer who would have been surplus otherwise.
7 x Blades including centurion, standard bearer and musician figures
3x Auxilleries
2 x Bow
1 x Light Horse
The sculpts may not be up to current standards of say Pendraken or Chariot Miniatures, but with careful painting they look fine. I would liken them to some Irregular 6mm sculpts for detail and are dead on 10mm tall.
The Celt army consists of purely infantry figures. In total I was able to construct an army consisting of;
1 x Psiloi (slingers)
11 x Warband - with mixed figures armed with swords and spears, including command, standard and musicians.
Again, the sculpting is perhaps basic by today's standards, but with sympathetic painting and basing they look great.

If anyone fancies giving DBA a go in 10mm you cannot do it any cheaper than this. Two armies for £8 and if you don't own the rules you can still download an older version in pdf for free from the WRG website (I believe). Warrior also produce Normans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings in this range, so why not give them a go?

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