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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Warlord's 28mm M3 Halftrack

At the same time I finished the Bren Gun Carrier, I finished the plastic M3 halftrack kit from a Warlords too.
Easy to put together and nicely detailed, it's a shame it's only intended to be built as an US machine.
I re-helmeted the driver with a spare Perry British helmet and painted him to look like he's wearing battle dress. British decals were some of the many spares from the Bren Carrier kit.
The kit comes with plenty of US storage (helmets, packs etc) which I left off. As I did the three additional .30" Browning MGs that come with the kit. 
I kept the .50" MG but replace the barrel with some steel wire for strength.
Another nice model. And at about £15 not bad value for money. A good complement to the Bren Carrier for a Bolt Action Allied Army.


  1. That green is fantastic - I don't suppose you'd share your recipe?

  2. I based coat in Vallejo Russian Green, then when dry I give it a thinned coat of Vallejo Sepia Wash. Finally when dry I give it a fairly heavy dry brush with Russian Green + white. Then once the decals are added I lightly dry brush the whole thing with Vallejo Iraqui Sand. Sorry it's taken so long to reply!