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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Crusade 2015; Penarth

My fourth visit to Crusade this weekend. One of three shows that are easily reached in a day (Reveille and WMMS being the other two) from where I live.

A nice little show that follows a fix formula each year based in Penarths leisure centre. There is the main hall split equally between traders and demo games, the bring and buy together with living history displays, and a DBA regional competition in one squash court and historical lectures in another.

Some good looking games this year and more activity in them than previous years. There's nothing worse than a demo game tha grinds to a halt at the end of the first move and spends the rest of the day surrounded by sandwich munching wargames....

The bring and buy looked to be well supported, but I'm not sure how much stuff was moving. I visited four times and kept seeing the same stuff. I did however, give in to temptation and buy a Navwar Napoleonic 1/3000 starter set for £3 and ten medieval mounted plastic Knights for £5. The Knights I have discovered were for a now defunct game called Ex Illis and whilst not the worlds best sculpts, will paint up ok for my Lion Rampant retinue.

The DBA competition seemed to be well supported and hopefully , Martin (who I'd met at BarnHott) will do well.

Richard Clarke, and his sidekick Nick, were running a tutorial game of Chain of Command. This was good as it might encourage me to get on and try the rules I bought on the day of release!

I also took the opportunity to meet the guys from Castle Gamers of Bridgend. With my pending job move, these guys will become my new opponents later in 2015!

Altogether a good day out.

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