Tuesday, 3 February 2015

HOTT, Thunderbirds Army Completed

It is done, the Thunderbird army is finished.......and I'm very pleased with the outcome!
Eleven elements making up the 24AP.
Thunderbird 5 - a Airboat General @3AP
The Mole - Behemoth @4AP
Thunderbird 1 - One of three Flyers @2AP each
Thunderbird 2 - Flyer
Thunderbird 3 - Flyer
Thunderbird 4 - Water Lurker @1AP
Five U.S. Soldier bases - Shooters @2AP each
Tracy Island - the Stronhold.

Can't wait to try them out......


  1. Cheers guys. My gotta be careful as my Grandson's got his eyes on them!