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Thursday, 7 May 2015

15mm Falklands War

I'd bought a few more packs of MJ Figures 15mm Argentinian Army a few years ago at Crusade, Penarth. I'd then put them in a box and forgotten about them....
I'd bought the special forces, dug in infantry and the 105mm Light Gun.
The dug in figures are in two packs. One with 14 half figures the other two large and two small foxholes. These foxholes hold comfortably ten of the half figures and I built two additional milliput foxholes for the other four.
The figures are nearer 18mm and are full of character, if sporting a rather eclectic mix of weaponry.
I'd also bought from eBay some QRF British 1980s infantry, 81mm Mortar teams and Scimitar Light Tank.
To give the Scimitar some competition I'd bought a a Peter Pig AML armoured car.
The QRF figures don't look too good. In fact they reminded me of the old Peter Laing figures of the 1970/80's. However painted up they look just fine, if a little small alongside their MJ companions.
I've based them for CWC and added gravel to the bases to give them a more rocky appearance.
QRF also do Milan and GPMG SF teams to complete my battalion and their Vietnam era 50 cals and mortars will make good Argentinian forces.
I'd better get on with it and order some....

15mm Falklands War Buildings

I rediscovered my unpainted MJ Miniatures figures the other month a decided it was time to get them painted. At the same time I discovered some free to download Falkland Islands buildings by http://cardmodelsbytony.weebly.com/falklands-buildings.html
They are a collection of OO scale corrugated iron houses, church, shops and shacks. There's even the ambassador's residence fought over during the invasion.
I printed the PDFs off at at about 75% full size so they would be ok for 15mm. 
After printing I laminated the sheets before cutting them out carefully with a knife and steel ruler. I then lightly scored along the fold lines before gluing them together with UHU general purpose glue.
Once completed, I glue them to mdf bases and texture the ground around the foundations. Afterwards the ground work is painted and the white areas of the buildings (score lines, underside of roof etc) painted to match the main colour.
Finally I spray them with Matt varnish to eliminate the shine of the laminate sheet. The buildings are colourful, authentic, easy to build with loads of variety and make into robust little terrain pieces.

I've experimented printing at 50% to use with 10mm figures and this works fine.

Take a look at the website, there's even a model of the Iranian embassy for your SAS figures to assault!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

An Apology!

To all my Blog followers.

I thought it was odd that I no longer received any comment, but being a bit of an IT Numpty I just assumed no one was commenting!

I discovered this evening that the feature had been disabled and was awaiting my input!

I have now gone back through and replied to every comment:-)


Keep commenting guys, it's great to know what you think.

All the best

What's New

Well for a start I've recently changed jobs! This has left me travelling around 150 miles a day as we still have to sell our house to move nearer. Whilst this is a bit of a pain, the plus side is Colette says I can have a dedicated wargame room in our new house!! Can't wait.

I have been doing a few bits and bobs while we wait.
Namely painting up some 15mm ECW figures.
I've loved this period for ever but have still to find a set of rules I really like. I've got Pike and Shotte (by Warlord Games) which looks hopeful, and I've also been reading up on DBR.
These figures are all being based so as they coul be used for either set (infantry on 4x2cm and Cavalry on 4x3cm with Artillery on 4x4cm) they would also suit FoGR for that matter. With movement trays I could also use them for other sets too.
The figures are quite a mixture of manufacturers. I was given a tub of loose figures about 30 years ago, that when sorted out looked like there was at least one ECW army......but no musketeers.
I bought these (and four artillery pieces) from Peter Laing, who at that time lived just outside Hereford. Then I forgot all about them and they languished in the garden shed until I rediscovered them a month or two ago.

Now I've decided it's time they were finally painted and based and these are what I've finished so far. I estimate I'm about halfway through them with probably 15-20 cavalry bases and the same of infantry still to go. I think I'll still need some more musketeers and some standing dragons to complete things and I think I'll try some from Warrior Miniatures as they're only 21p a figure.

Watch this space.