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Thursday, 7 May 2015

15mm Falklands War

I'd bought a few more packs of MJ Figures 15mm Argentinian Army a few years ago at Crusade, Penarth. I'd then put them in a box and forgotten about them....
I'd bought the special forces, dug in infantry and the 105mm Light Gun.
The dug in figures are in two packs. One with 14 half figures the other two large and two small foxholes. These foxholes hold comfortably ten of the half figures and I built two additional milliput foxholes for the other four.
The figures are nearer 18mm and are full of character, if sporting a rather eclectic mix of weaponry.
I'd also bought from eBay some QRF British 1980s infantry, 81mm Mortar teams and Scimitar Light Tank.
To give the Scimitar some competition I'd bought a a Peter Pig AML armoured car.
The QRF figures don't look too good. In fact they reminded me of the old Peter Laing figures of the 1970/80's. However painted up they look just fine, if a little small alongside their MJ companions.
I've based them for CWC and added gravel to the bases to give them a more rocky appearance.
QRF also do Milan and GPMG SF teams to complete my battalion and their Vietnam era 50 cals and mortars will make good Argentinian forces.
I'd better get on with it and order some....