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Saturday, 27 June 2015

ECW 15mm progress

Well despite my two nights a week away from home, and my epic commute, I'm still getting on with my ECW 15mm figures.
The latest batch to be completed are mainly horse. 
There's a mixture of three quarter armoured cuirassiers (6 bases worth including command) some ordinary Pistol armed cavalry and three command bases for a DBR army.
As well as these, there are three foot command bases (30mm dia. Bases) for Pike and Shotte commands.
I downloaded some flags from the Internet and printed them off. Stuck with PVA to florist wire flagpoles  they are quite serviceable at this scale.
I think I've finally Sussex how to paint convincing horses. I bought a very orangy brown Vallejo paint (name escapes me at present) that I painted the horse in. Then washed in Vallejo Sepia Dip followed by tail and mane painted in black. I added a white blaze on the nose and an occasional "sock" here and there and the finish looks ok. It was quick to do as well.
The mounted command bases also had grey and white horses (as recommended by Phil Barker in DBR). One base has a figure that looks like a partially armour clad Charles I.
The others, a more random looking command figure.
All in all I'm quite pleased with these as the army' s getting bigger by the week. In fact it'll be two small armies or one larger army. And as stated before, it should work with DBR or Pike and Shotte.

Next job is to finish my remaining foot. About 9-10 Pike bases (some with command figures) and my remaining Peter Laing Musketeers (again with Command).

That will leave a few Dragoons and a motley mixture if Scottish Cavalry and Scottish Warband figures to do. Then I'll have to work out how many additional figures I'll need to purchase.

Til next time... 

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