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Monday, 13 July 2015

PSC the Great War

Just surfing on the interweb and came across this quote from The Great War's creator Will Townshend, PSC Games on February 17

The metal command figures set is an exclusive reward to Kickstarter backers. It comprises 8 x 15mm/ 1 100th scale general figures beautifully sculpted by a talented sculptor I know. There will be a British/ANZAC/Commonwealth, French, German, Russian, US, Austro-Hungarian, Italian, and Turkish General in the set. 

Apart from being a thing of beauty, the generals set gives the optional rule that if you field your nation's general for that scenario in your off board play area you can take 2 additional HQ tokens at the start of the game. 

They are in metal because doing them in plastic would be hugely expensive just for a Kickstarter exclusive ( it's still not cheap in metal!) and my talented sculptor only works in metal!

In addition I also noted from the Kickstarter site that the intention of the artillery models is to replace the  reserve artillery counters!

So I think I now have the answers to my earlier questions.

However, I'm now wondering how robust the figures will be when stored together in a box/pot with the game. I've seen plenty of people playing CandC Ancients and Naploeonics with wargame figures on multiple bases.

What about mounting them four to a base with a Minibits dice frame and six sided dice to record casualties? They'll be quicker to deploy and move, and a lot better protected when in storage. But will this limit future gaming?

Thoughts anyone?

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