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Sunday, 15 November 2015

WW1 28mm Black Adder

Finally got around to completing my 28mm vignette from Battle Flag Miniatures.
Nice little set for £16. The figures come with seperate hands, cast attached to their weapons.
The detail is good and the casting clean. The poses look a little odd at first, but work well once based together.
The white metal figures fit into a cast resin base which has recesses to take the figure bases. These are a really good fit. I used a little Vallejo plastic putty just to blend in the slight gap.
The resin base has the wooden boards and sandbags of the parapet and then no man's land with a shell hole and twisted remnants of a barbed wire obstacle (also cast in white metal).
All this is mounted on a stepped plinth. This was made from three sheets of mdf (supplied with the set) each marked up to help you line up the next, slightly smaller sheet when you PVA them together. Afterwards they were sprayed black.
As a final touch I may just add a tuft or two of static grass and this year's Poppy pin-badge.

Altogether a really lovely piece to paint....a nice distraction.



  1. This is a great blog, I love the Blackadder diorama.

  2. Thanks Mark for commenting, much appreciated.