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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Waterloo - Quelle Affaire!

Well at least one of my Kickstarter investments delivered in time for Christmas. Very well done Riverhorse!
Now I've finally got around to punching out all the counters and setting the game up in my painting cave.

Time for another read through the rules and I'll try for a solo run-out. 

Initial thoughts....not bad quality components, brightly coloured but some of the printing is a little faint for old eyes. I love the idea of being able to fight out The great battle in an area less than 1m squared and at first glance I could imagine the counters being replaced with mdf bases with Irregular 2mm blocks.........

I'd best shelve that thought as I've enough half finished projects on the go! And anyway, my PSC Tank expansion is due sometime in January.

All the best........


  1. Have you tried the boardgame W1815? That offers Waterloo in a small space and with a very rapid play time (15 minutes).

  2. I haven't I'm afraid. Though having read about it on your blog and others I would like to. Every imbecile try and find one in thevUK stocks have been sold out!! A good sign I guess?

  3. Every time! Damn spell checker