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Monday, 2 May 2016

WOTR Perry 28mm

Well I'm still working my way through my 28mm plastics.
It's a slow old job with working away but I'm getting there. I've added some cavalry thanks to some Bretonnian Knights I found that I'd bought at a bring and buy probably 20 years ago!

These had their heads and arms replaced by Perry spares and look quite splendid in their Products for Wargamers movement tray.
The other armoured knights will be my household units and I'm very pleased with the Army painter chain mail undercoat method of painting that I've adopted.
As I'm enjoying these figures so much , my wife's bought me the Mercanaries European Infantry set to (hopefully) complete my WOTR armies.
So I need to get these Knights finished ASAP.
About 30% of the figures wear surcoats. These are the only large areas of block colour on these figures. So having sprayed them silver, they really are very quick to paint up.


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