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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

WOTR Dismounted Knights from Perry Miniatures

Still plugging away at these and I have finally finished all 38 figures.
I'm really pleased with them, especially the figures of Richard III and his Standard. The flag comes printed on the instruction sheet (along with a whole load more!) and I cut it out with a craft knife before folding in half and gluing it with undiluted PVA around the plastic flagpole. 
When dry, I touch up any white edges with either paint or washes and the bend to shape. When I spray the figures with varnish this finishes the job. I think they look just great.
I have painted two other figures as "Generals" for Bloody Barons and will be providing them with Standard bearers from the European Mercenary boxed set.
One as the Black Prince and another from the artwork that came with the box. I opted to give the impression of the details on their surcoats as time's to short to paint all those tiny gold lions and fleur de Leys.
I'm enjoying this period so much I think I'm going to get some light cavalry after the next box. The design and production quality of these figures is really excellent, I can't recommend them enough.

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  1. Looking good, been thinking about purchasing these myself.
    Inspiring! Thanks for sharing