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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Father's Day

My dear daughter swallowed her pride once again and visited Firestorm Games in Cardiff, to buy my Father's Day present.

And what a nice present it was!
A Pershing for my GF9 Tanks game.
You get a Battlefront Pershing Sprue which allows you to build a standard M26 or the up gunned "Super Pershing" with external recoil dampers and add on armour.
The artwork from the clam pack has pictorial assembly instructions for both options. The pack also comes with two vehicle cards for the game and four special skill/damage cards.
The models is very nicely mounded in dark green plastic. All parts free of flash and fitting together without issues. The turret has a seperate commanders turret hatch so you could put a command figure in if required.
The hull also went together very well and you have to option to leave off or fit mudguards.
There you have it, the finished article ready for painting.

An imposing vehicle that's almost a match for Panthers and Tigers. Lovely model to build, cannot fault it. Well worth giving these models a look.

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