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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Rommel 2mm

I’ve also completed painting & basing the Allied forces I have so far.

These also equate to roughly a brigade of Infantry & Armour with artillery support. In this case the armour consists of 5 bases of Cromwells and 2 of Shermans.

I’ve been thinking about the outstanding terrain features required. That is the hills/mountains and rivers.

For the rivers I plan to construct a series of 80, 90 & 100 mm by 20mm wide mdf strips to use as the long river runs along the 100mm (4”) grid squares with 20x20mm mdf squares with bends to allow the river to change direction. This is an 80x20mm example.

Perhaps the drawing will better explain the concept!
Long term I fancy recreating amphibious assaults like the Juno Scenario available on the Honour website.

To this end I’ve mocked up some simple 100mm beach squares I produced using PowerPoint.
I’ve also scratch built a prepared defence terrain tile (on 80x20mm mdf) to represent the Atlantic Wall defences the assaulting troops might face.

For Hills/Mountains I firstly considered buying Hexon individual hex Hills & Mountains, but they are quite large and would better suit a 150mm (6”) grid. So back to the drawing board.

I’m currently making a prototype 60mm diameter hill and we’ll see how that looks on the table.

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