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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Rommel 2mm

Found some time to finish off my Rommel Divisions over Xmas. All the Irregular models are now based and have their unit stats attached.

The allied army represents a 1944 Armoured Division (i.e. 7th Armoured) but I have brigades of both Cromwell and M4 Shermans so I can recreate other units if required.  Armoured Infantry bases have the addition of a M5 Half-Track whilst motorised infantry have nothing (I forgot to order trucks!)
 The German army is based on the Panzer Lehr Division of 1944. There is a choice of Tiger I or II bases as support and I have more infantry that should be the case, again to allow me to represent other units when required.
I’m now looking at how I might store these when not in use. I think the whole game lends itself to being highly portable, so will consider this when planning my options…..

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