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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

15mm Tank 3D Printing Frenzy

I've been travelling on business for two weeks and have had little opportunity for modelling or blogging :-(

However when I've been able to grab some time I have been continuing to experiment with my 3D printer.

Firstly I completed my Rommel BUA in 2mm scale. The print was mounted on a 60x60mm mdf laser cut base and then painted, varnished etc. I'm very pleased with this and will certainly print a couple more.

I have expanded my Team Yankee 15mm British forces and have so far completed;-

  • 2 x Chieftain MBTs
  • 5 x FV432 APCs
  • 1 x Striker ATGW
  • 1 x Spartan APC
To match these I've commenced building up my Soviet forces and have printed;-
  • 2 x BTR60PBs
  • 1 x BMP with turrets for both the MkI & II options
In addition I have been experimenting with some 1:200 early war French vehicles to use with Sam Mustafa's Rommel Rules. These can be printed up to 8 at a time with my small printer so work out very economically viable.

Altogether....living the dream!


  1. Excellent printing - terrane looks great! Technique at 15mm scale looks nice on the table. BTR-60 in the amount of 10 pieces already in the army of my friend. If not a secret - what for miniatures in the 200 scale?

  2. Yes I need at least another 6 BTRs and they take at least 4 hours each to print!

    So far I've printed Somua S35's, Char B1s and AMR R35s all taken from Marco Bergmann's excellent tank packs on Thingiverse. All printed on their tracks with support and a mat. I'll post some pictures soon.

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