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Thursday, 15 February 2018

3D Printed 15mm Fv432 - Team Yankee

My confidence is growing with the i3 Mini so time to move on and print something in 15mm (basically my justification for buying it in the first place).

As I've recently bought a British Mechanised Infantry Platoon from Bottlefront and a Milan Anti-Tank Platoon, I need quite a few Fv432 APCs to transport them around.

Searching the internet for suitable .stl files didn't throw up a whole lot of choice until I found a very competent looking model on Thingiverse designed by Steve Lava (lava808)


Listed as an Fv423 IFV, the design is in four parts (see above with support material in place & below cleaned up ready to assemble)

  1. Main Hull
  2. Back panel with door
  3. Engine louvred cover 1
  4. Engine louvred cover 2

It prints from the rear of the hull upwards, using support material but no need for infill as the hull is in effect a hollow box.

Once printed out in white PLA, I simply removed the support materials with pliers and glued the louvres and rear panel onto the hull with super glue.

Some filler will be required around the rear panel to finish things off. The print took 3.75 hours to complete. I'm very happy with the results. Thanks to Steve for sharing so generously.


  1. The print quality looks great. But the model itself (as well as other models of Steve) suffers from not exact geometry. For a temporary replacement, they will certainly fit

  2. As I only want these as wargames pieces the simplification of the model is fine with me. These work out at about £0.17 each compared to a Battlefront item at £5.00 so I'm very happy!

  3. As I understand you! I'm for the team Yankees BAOR мiniatures came out very cheap.Just Marco Bergman very high raised the bar of quality