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Monday, 14 May 2018

Firestorm Games most recent Bring & Buy event.

Initial trading was brisk as there were at least a couple of hundred prospective buyers hovering around the 20 or so stalls.

All was well organised, but could have done with a little more room between the stalls?

The usual Sci-Fi/Fantasty bias, but amongst all this there were historical wargames bargains to be had.

As an observation, I do wish more sellers would pre-price their goods. It saves all those embaressing questions about "how much do they want for so-and-so."

Anyhow, I came away with the following;-
  • The Kingdom is Ours ECW Rules (£5)
  • Living on the Front Line-Winter of ’79 Rules (£5)
  • DBA 3.0 hardbacked rules (£5)
  • GW WH40K First Strike starter set (£5)
  • Panzer Leader Board Game (£2)
  • Bag of 20xD6 (£1)

Bargains….! Oh and my pre-ordered copy of Great Escape Game’s new 1914 Rules @ £13.50.

A productive morning out. Can’t wait for next weekend’s B&B at Lincombe Barn, Bristol!

1 comment:

  1. Panzer Leader Board Gama for such a ridiculous price !? I envy))))))