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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

3D Printed 1:200 German 1940 Army for Rommel

Completed these yesterday. Whilst they are visually OK (passing the two foot rule easily) the quality of some of these prints was not as good as the French Vehicles.

I printed all the AFVs standing on their tracks and then went through the ball ache of removing all the support material afterwards. This was very time consuming and actually damaged much of the track detail on tthe smaller vehicles.

Particularly affected were the Sdkfz 251/Bs and anything on a Pzkfw I chassis. Both these models were 1/100 designs reduced to 1/200 so were trying to cram in detail that wasn't really needed i.e. he sides of the halftracks were undercut leaving them very thin and fragile.

Having said that, a good clean-up, sympathetic paint job and static grass help hide a multitude of sins! I may redo these, when time permits, this time printed on their sides.

One big success was the "Generic" infantry figure I use. This time I printed them out as single figures on indiviual bases. These worked really well and needed very little cleaning up.

Anyhow, I've ended up with a supported Panzer Division.

  1. Light Battalion 1 - 3 x Pzkfw I 
  2. Light Battalion 2 - 3 x Pzkfw II
  3. Medium Battalion  - 2 x Pzkfw IVD
  4. Armoured Infantry Brigade - 2 battalions each 3 x Sdkfz251/B + Infantry
  5. Motorised Infantry Brigade - 2 battalions each 3 x Opel Blitz + Infantry
  6. Light Howitzer Battery - 1 x 75mm + Kubelwagon*
  7. Anti-Tank Support Battalion - 3 x PanzerJager I
  8. Assault Support Battalion - 3 x Stug III 
*I will add some medium artillery when I find a suitable file to print

Now all I need is the time to try them out against their French opposition.....


  1. Excellent printing! If you need British soldiers, then you can look at my 3d model.
    The only thing - they are on a scale of 10mm. But I believe that they can easily scale

  2. Thanks O3. Your British infantry figures look fantastic. I shall definitely be trying those out when I add a 1940's British Division.

  3. Excellent!
    I hope that within a month I will finish the German infantry in the scale of 1-200 and try to remake the English (to admit to 1-200 scale)

  4. If you do, I'll replace my generics with them instead! What software do you design them in?