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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Hott - Newish Armies

I was tidying my wargames cupboard last night and realised that I have three new HOTT armies that I have never shared with you.

These were completed just before we moved to South Wales and therefore had been packed away without taking any pictures.

These armies are.....
10mm Orc Army using Pendraken's ready made HOTT army pack

15mm Napoleonic Themed army using some very old Tabletop Games figures 

15mm Sci-Fi Army using primarily Irregular Miniatures figures.
The Orcs will share a Stronghold with my Barbarian army, so I have not included it here.  THe army pack from Pendraken is excellent value for money (£16 I think) and the figures paint up a treat.

These are the only additions, a Kallistra Ballista and in the distance, Kallistra Giants

The Napoleonic army was a bit of fun and a good use for some random figures I'd had lying around for decades. The Ballon was made from a polystyrene Ball bought at Hobbycraft, with a Coke bottle top for a basket!

The Stronghold is an old Bellona (!) ridge tent with some accessories from the old Airfix 1/72 Outpost set.

Old "Bony" the General & The Iron Duke is the Wizard!

The Sci-Fi army, once again, came about from a handful of Irregular figures I'd had lying around for years. To boost this number I purchased another lot of Irregular figures I found on e-bay for £2.

Then I added an old GW Space Marine figure acting as a Giant together with a Matchbox Toy Tank as a Behemoth.

Their Stronghold uses half a left over polystyrene ball and a milk container cap. These are joined to the next building (another Coke bottle cap) by a plastic straw "pipe".

Many of the figures have a "Pirate" theme...

The Space Marine has an added multiple Rocket Launcher pod (H&R left over piece)

As ever great fun to create, even more fun to use and won't break the bank either...


  1. Lovely !
    We love the very clear paint and basing !
    And the bright pictures !

  2. Particularly impressed by the very attractive sci fi army, they really stand out! im also inspired by your Napolionic army, a great way to put those odd extra troops to good use, nice work :)

    1. Thanks Deon. This is the power of HOTT! It’s so easy to create an army with a few left over figures! One day I’m going to make some 28mm armies with all those unused Warhammer figures!!