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Monday, 18 June 2018

Pimping Kallistra’s Hexon Trenches - Part 1

I bought a pack of Kallistra 10-15mm trench sections a couple of years ago at Colours. These seem to be the best value items currently on the market. They are robust and simple, with lots of available options available.

I bought the plain brown plastic versions intending to finish them myself, but you could always go for the (slightly more expensive) ready flocked versions instead.

With the appearance of Great Escape Game’s 1914 rules, my interest in small scale WW1 gaming has be rekindled. I therefore thought it about time I finally pimped my trenches.…

Firstly I coated the outer faces of the parados and parapet with fine sand held in place with PVA. When dry I applied a second coat of PVA to firm things up.

This then made the surfaces of the trench look a little plain. I didn’t want to go the whole hog with revetments etc. but I did think they were missing duckboards (I see that Kallistra’s 28mm versions have these moulded in).

This made we reach for TINKERCAD! And I very quickly had some 50 & 100mm sections drawn up ready to 3D print.

They took about an hour to print up and then I could cut them to size and attach to the trench bottoms with superglue.

All that remains is to paint them up and add the finishing touches.


  1. Excellent flooring in the trenches. It remains to add the lining of the walls in the trenches. And will idealnom

  2. I have aspirations to do something like this myself. Watching with interest.