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Friday, 1 February 2019

Crusade 2019

Last weekend I met up with an old wargaming buddy at Wales' premier (only?) Wargames show - Crusade 2019.

28mm AWI (I think)
As per the last few years this is held at a large, modern secondary school in Penarth, close to Wales' capital city, Cardiff. There is a large car park and the site is accessible to all abilities.

Battle of Omdurman - the guys running this were happy to stop & discuss the game, which was refreshing!
The show is made up of traders, historical re-enactment groups, competition/demo games, historical talks and a bring & buy.

WAT - Too Fat Lardies, ably assisted by the Welsh Wizzard
The traders were split between three rooms and fairly easily accessed. As per last year the mix of traders was modest, but they seemed to be doing brisk business (at least until I left at 2pm).

The world's biggest 28mm Vietnam game...so much terrain!!
The bring and buy though, seemed quieter than previous years - I'm saying this because I didn't face any problems getting to look at what was for sale....a very unusual experience.

Too big to get in one picture!!
There were a good number of demo and competition games which were split between classrooms - 1/2 games per room. A good mix of games both historical and fantasy/Sci-Fi, participation/demonstration.

54mm Bolt Action!
I didn't attend any of the talks so cannot comment on these....they are a unique feature of this show.

More 54mm Bolt Action...
There was a cafe, that appeared to be run by the school's PTA(?), which whilst well stocked was (to my mind) rather over-priced, which was a shame.

Old School dungeon bash with wipe-clean vinyl dungeon map - Cool.
All in all a nice distraction so soon after Christmas. A great chance to catch up with friends and meet new people. Whilst not in the league of say Colours, as my "Local" show it deserves to be supported and succeed.

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