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Friday, 8 February 2019

Acrylic Movement Rulers - Cruel Seas & Blood Red Skies

JustLasered first came to my attention having read a blog entry from Doctorphalanx way back in May of 2018. 

As well as their extremely smart bespoke foam liners for Really Useful Boxes, I found that they produced additional shelf kits for IKEA Detolf cabinets.

Now their range has expanded to include mdf items (counters, buildings, bases etc.) and gaming aids made from acrylic sheet.

I've seen such items both on ebay and, more recently, at Crusade, however none have been as well priced as the items from JustLasered.

I treated myself to two sets. Firstly the set for Blood Red Skies comprised of two Acrylic movement rulers, range and angle finder. Which comes with the etching on the reverse side of the glass clear acrylic and only requires the protective film to be removed before use. The quality is excellent and at only £4.25 the set - very good value. Additionally, you can have them in just about any colour you want.

JustLasered pieces alongside the cardboard game pieces

While I was at it I ordered the set designed for Cruel Seas as well. This was another 4 piece set comprising  3 movement distance templates and 1 arc template for shooting/turning. As above the quality was excellent and at £4.75 for the set - another bargain.

JustLasered pieces alongside the cardboard game pieces
The cardboard pieces provided with both games are both adequate for initial use, but inevitably they will become worn out. These sets from JustLasered provide a very affordable alternative.

While I was placing the order I added one of their mdf small artillery bases as well. These are just £1.25 each (90p if you order 3 or more!) and are perfect for mounting an anti-tank gun for instance, allowing casualty figures to be removed one-by-one.

The small artillery base with a Rubicon Pak40 for size comparison
Just the job.....though stupidly I bought 4 more artillery pieces the day after ordering these so I'll have to buy some more (large & small)!

To top all this the guys at JustLasered refunded me £1.75 to our PayPal account as the website had overcharged for P&P! How's that for service.

Thoroughly recommended, check them out!

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