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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

28mm British WW2 - Crusader Miniatures & 1st Corps Figures

I've been busy trying to finish off a late WW2 British/Commonwealth force for use in Bolt Action or CoC games.

Crusader Miniatures

The core of this army was a unit box of 24 Crusader figures purchased some years ago.

Crusader Miniatures

To these I added a 2" Mortar team, 3" Mortar Team and Vickers MMG Team from various other manufacturers.

Crusader Miniatures Vickers MG Team

I really love the Crusader figures. They are chunky and very accurately equipped (Late pattern respirator cases etc.) and a pleasure to paint.

Vintage Bolt Action Miniatures 3" Mortar and crew

When finished, I realised that I needed a few more figures to make them up to platoon strength. To do this I looked at all the 28mm manufacturers to see who was best value for the figures I wanted.

I needed:-

  • PIAT Team (2)
  • Bren Team (2)
  • Riflemen (6)
Most manufacturers pack their figures in such a way that I'd need to buy more than I needed. Then I found 1st Corps. They pack theirs in sensible numbers, the price is sensible and they look to be a good match. So I ordered a PIAT two man team (£3) + a section of ten including a Bren Gun team (£8).
1st Corps

They arrived very promptly and only need the minimum of cleaning up. Unfortunately the PIAT loader had a deformed face as part of the rubber mould had torn away and become lodged where his chin should be! This was largely hidden once based (the figure is prone) so I didn't worry too much.

1st Corps

To paint the figures I follow this process after basing on Renedra plastic bases and texturing with Vallejo Grey Pumice;-
  • Spray undercoat of PSC British Khaki Uniform
  • Paint all Webbing and anklets in Vallejo Middlestone
  • Paint respirator case in Vallejo US Green Uniform
  • Paint in hands and faces Vallejo Flesh, followed by Vallejo Flesh Wash
  • Paint weapon woodwork Vallejo Game Leather Brown
  • Pick out weapon metalwork, water bottle top, boots and underside of helmet rim with Vallejo Game Black
  • Pick out the buckles and butt plate in Gold to simulate brass.
  • Paint helmet surface with Vallejo US Olive Drab and pick out any scrim with Vallejo US Green Uniform
  • Apply Vallejo Sepia Wash to all uniform, helmet and wood surfaces
  • Finally dry brush whole figure and base with Vallejo Iraqi Sand
As ever I spray the finished figure with Satin Varnish first followed by Anti-Shine Matt varnish afterwards. Finally applying a little flock to the base with PVA glue.

1st Corps

I'm quite happy with the 1st Corps figure. They're not as historically accurate or as finely sculpted as the Crusader ones, but on the tabletop they'll look just as good.

1st Corps