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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

PSC The Great War - Tank Expansion

While I was in the mood for painting 15mm WW1 figures and tanks, I decided that I would get out the tanks that came with the Tank Expansion set for PSC's The Great War and finally give them a lick of paint.

I'd promised myself I'd do this since they first arrived, but until now they've been languishing in their box.

The Kickstarter stretch goals on this launch were particularly generous and I'd ended up with quite a sizeable tank force; -

  • 3 x A7V's (one additional one sent as a damage replacement - however I was able to repair this back to service)
  • 2 x MkIV "Beutpanzers"
  • 3 x MkIV Males
  • 3 x MkIV Females
  • 3 x Whippets

The vehicles were delivered in basic paint schemes; -
  • The British MkIVs all over Green with white/Red identification flashes
  • The British Whippets all over Green with white/Red identification flashes and orange paint on the exhaust pipes
  • The German MkIVs  all over Grey-Green with Black Maltese crosses
  • The German A7Vs all over Grey-Green with White edged, Maltese crosses

To give them a lift I painted in some detail and added a little weathering. For example; -
  • Dark Grey tracks
  • Mid Brown un-ditching beams
  • Orange brown exhausts
  • Purple brown and Camo Beige "splodges" as camouflage on the German vehicles

I then gave them all a Grey Wash followed by a dry-brushing of Iraqi Sand. I added vehicle name decals from the stretch goal set received with my French Army Expansion set, before a quick spray of Army Painter Matt coat.

I think these now look a great deal better and will be useful for both the board game and as wargame pieces in a table top game.

They are to be honest, lovely little models, with fine detail that is crying out for a better paint job. If you are looking for 15mm WW1 tanks then look no further, they're very good value too!