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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Citadel 2000AD figures - Revamped

To be ready to try out the new Judge Dredd Miniatures Game from Warlord, as soon as I get my grubby hands on the box (Christmas Day I suspect, as my wife has it hidden away 😒) I'd decided to revamp my old Citadel 2000AD figures.

Judge Dredd on Lawmaster. Two part figure and three part bike - third pattern I believe.

You'll have seen the trials and tribulations of stripping enamel paints from my last post. Now the figures are primed and ready, just crying out to be finished (rapidly) with Citadel Contrast paints!

The vivid colours that are part an parcel of this paint range lend themselves perfectly to the "cartoonish" finish I think these minis deserve.

See what you think...

Older Style Lawmaster...sadly no judge figure

Judge Bambra

Judge Gallagher

Judge Hershey

Paranoia - Blue Trooper

Paranoia - Blue Trooper

Paranoia - Blue Trooper

Slaughter Margin - Businessman

Rogue Trooper - Morgen (Sniper)

Rogue Trooper - "Rogue"

Rogue Trooper - "Rogue" with Lazooka

Rogue Trooper - Major Magnum



Slaughter Margin - Tek

Perp - Zodiac

Paranoia - Tomk-r-bee

Mutant - Fettuchini

Perp - Jackson Prince 

Perp - Ratex

Perp - Chimichunga


Perp - Sprayer

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