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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

6mm Cold War Commander

After my first introduction to Wargaming (WRG Ancients) I sought out rules and figures to satisfy my real historical interest – WW2.

Leicester Micro Models produced the first rules vehicles & figures I bought back in the early 1970’s. These were little more than lead lumps!

From here I was drawn towards the Cold War “what if” type of battle and I ultimately collected 3 massive 1/300 US NATO, UK NATO & WARPAC armies to play with using firstly the WRG Modern AFV rules and then TTG’s Challenger by Bruce Rea-Taylor.

After a less than enjoyable experience taking part in the UK Championship heats in Bath back in the mid 1980’s (The first time I encountered “Rule Book Lawyers”) my interests moved on to other periods.

My much loved 6mm armies languished in a box almost forgotten until along came Cold War Commander.

I’d already got into Blitzkrieg Commander playing late WW2 in 1/200th scale and knowing I had all these 6mm moderns just lying in a box ready to go made me think I should lash out and treat myself to the 1946+ version of these innovative rules

Since then, I’ve never looked back. I based the 6mm moderns on to Warbases mdf and repainted them where necessary and away I went.

Another period I dabbled with in the old WRG Modern AFV days was the Arab-Israeli conflicts of 1967-73. I’d enjoyed this period immensely, so when I saw a box of unloved & unpainted GHQ/H&R Israeli AFVs and figures at the recent Bristol Wargames Tabletop Sale I couldn’t resist.

Here’s the first instalment a 3,000-point Israeli Battle Group for the 1967 war. I've now painted them up to a high standard with Vallejo Acrylics, based them on mdf with fine sand and sealed them with Army Painter Ant-Shine varnish. Sadly I've no room for these little guys so they're going to be sold.
CWC 1967 Israeli Battle Group (3,000-points)

The army consists of; -
•    CO                                                                 (120pts)
•    HQ x 2                                                           (120pts)
•    FAO                                                               (30pts)
•    FAC                                                               (45pts)
•    Infantry Units x 5 (M20 upgrade)                 (225pts)
•    Infantry Unit x 1                                            (30pts)
•    Support Units x 3 (Mortar 120mm)              (210pts)
•    Support Units x 2 (RR, 105mm, 4x4)           (50pts)
•    Tank Units x 5 (M48 Magach 105mm)         (625pts)
•    Tank Units x 6 (Centurion Sho’t)                  (870pts)
•    Air Defence Units x 2 (AA, TCM20, M3)    (90pts)
•    Artillery Units x 2 (152-155mm)                  (120pts)
•    Aircraft Units x 2 (A-4 Skyhawk)                 (130pts)
•    Transport Units x 7 (M3 ½ Track)                (175pts)
                                                                 Total = 2,940pts
Below are some close ups.
M48's (H&R) and Super Sherman HQ base (GHQ)
Two Artillery Bases with FAO base (GHQ)
Two A4 Skyhawks (H&R) with FAC base (GHQ)
Three 120mm Mortar bases with M3 Half Track transport + two M3 mounted AA guns (all GHQ)
Infantry units with their M3 Half-Track transports (GHQ)
Six Centurions (GHQ)

These guys have now been sold......but there's a 1973 Israeli army on the bench that'll be up for sale in a week or so. Keep checking back.

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