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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Latest 15mm Armour Additions - King Tiger

Whilst I've been off I've managed to paint up the most recent acquisitions from the Table Sale.
The King Tiger model was one of Battlefront's earliest releases. This was still in the old box packaging and represents a Zimmeritt coated vehicle with Henschel Turret. The detail on the resin parts was softer than I've seen on some more recent releases, but was adequate and recognisable.

The hull and turret are in cream resin and the track units, gun barrel, hatches, spare track and figure are all white metal. The model went together pretty well (the track units needed a good drop of superglue to fill the gaps - I used Gel type super glue). As ever I undercoated the assembled vehicle in white, then sprayed dark yellow followed by tank brown and tank green - all from the Vallejo Air range.
Based on a Warbases mdf base and with some left over Dragon decals, the finished vehicle is quite imposing when placed alongside a Sherman.
It looks right so I guess it is reasonably accurate. You've probably already guessed that I put more sway on whether a models looks right than I do if "it's 2 millimetres too narrow when compared to the manufacturers plans" etc....

I'm quite pleased especially as it only cost me £3 second hand.

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