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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Crossfire! First Game

Well I am no longer a Crossfire virgin!

I bought these rules a couple of years ago for just £1 at a Reveille event in Bristol and whilst I tried to read them through, I found the layout difficult to follow (the pleasures of Dyslexia).
Green Hell Scenario from "Hit the Dirt"
This was frustrating because I’d seen them played at a WMMS Show some years earlier and was impressed with the fluidity of the game and really wanted to try them out.

Now thanks to Si I’ve finally tried them out and now have a fairly clear understanding of the basic infantry mechanics – just the built up area and AFV rules to go!

I’m very impressed with the game and somewhat hooked already (I even ordered the “Hit the Dirt”  Scenarios book before bed last night)…….I can see a new wave of 15mm figure basing and painting coming on.

Looking forwards to the next outing.

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