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Thursday, 20 October 2011

New Rules - GWH 50% off Sale

Well as a committed tight arse, I can never resist a bargain. So when I stumbled on Warhammer Historical’s 50% off Sale I couldn’t resist!

My feelings towards GW are probably similar to many others in that I’m torn between disliking the extortionate prices and the manipulation of customers, to admiring the production values of their products. As a result of the latter, I must confess to actually owning more than my fair share of their historical rule sets, Warmaster Ancients, WAB,WH ECW, Trafalgar & The Great War.
 I’ve only got experience of playing Warmaster and Trafalgar……both of which are great fun. The others I’ve bought intending playing but only got as far as reading so far.

When I saw the various forum entries advertising the 50% off sale and at the same time forecasting the iminent demise of Warhammer Historical, I thought I’d better get in there quick.
 I was amazed when earlier in the Summer they published three new rule sets in quick succession + the long promised follow up to The Great War and have been following some of the early on-line reviews with interest.
So on the back of these I took the plunge, and I am now the proud owner of the following, Waterloo, Kampfgruppe Normandy,   Over the Top & Gladiator.
Three working days late they arrived, and I finally got to sit down with them last night. It took the whole evening just to look through them all! First impressions are…..well Wow! I’ll expand on this when I’ve had time to read them through.

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