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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Final two buildings from the Troll Trader

Finally assembled and painted the two last buildings from my bargain set.
The bank and the saloon. Once again these are simple mdf boxes, but once painted up they really look the part.
The bank has a slightly different design to the signage which is attached to the flat roof. This takes the form of a shelf over the top edge. Once again I used my printed planking paper to form the floor and sprayed all the parts white to start off with.
This was the only building that presented a slight issue. This was due to the building having an inner wall forming a strong room with the bank teller windows. As the wall had two tabs that must locate in the roof , it is important to glue the wall in place and then dry fit the roof until the glue I'd dry. This will ensure the tabs always line up. To populate the strong room the kit includes a large safe that can be assembled with the door open or closed.
Finally I came to the saloon. This was simply a box to assemble, so posed no issues at all. I opted to leave the saloon doors fixed shut as this is so characteristic of the Wild West I know and love from cowboy movies.
This kit came with a few bits and bobs to bring it to life. These included the bar, a rather curious "square" beer barrel (that looks better than it sounds!) a single round table a six "bottles" to scatter around the place.

These five models are quite simply excellent. They cannot be beaten for price at £30 delivered for five items. I've enjoyed building and customising them through decorating each individually.

I love my 4Ground buildings very much - they are in a different league - but to get you started or to boost your Wild West town (as I did) these are just the ticket.

Next mission, to paint up the cactii and chickens I bought from Great Escape Games at Crusade, in Penarth. And the three packs of Frontline furniture sets to populate those 4Ground buildings.