Sunday, 12 July 2015

PSC 's the Great War - first Sprues finished

Final coat of bolt gun metal on the British bayonets and these little beauties are finished.
I think as time goes on these figures will be used a lot in conventional wargaming. They're well detailed and in useful poses. In addition you get a MG and Mortar with every sprue. No need to buy additional support units. All you'll need are a few command figures maybe?
I think the grass green base colour will work well with the green side of the playing board.
MG08 crew loaded up with ammunition
The grenadier figure is on a square base so stands out amongst his peers. A good feature.
The Minenwerfer crew supporting their comrades.
Similarly burdened British Vickers team. I particularly like the gunner himself.
The mortar team could easily be adapted to other mortar types by simply scratch building a new mortar tube and legs.
These figures are perfect for 1916-1918 scenarios.
I'd better get the rest done so I can try out the game. I'm afraid I'm a bit anal about using unpainted's a big NO NO.
 Not the best pictures but hopefully these will give an idea how well detailed they are.
Very pleased with these and I'm looking forwards to see what else PSC bring out......especially those tanks!

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  1. Looking good! Great work on those tiny figures!