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Sunday, 11 June 2017

More 15mm Pike & Shotte Units Finished

I'm finally settled into my new Wargame/Painting room. My kids (rather unkindly) call it my Loser Shed. I like to think they are just envious!

Production is ramping up! I've completed another 3 units of Pike & Shot figures for my 15mm ECW armies.

The sabot bases are from Products For Wargamers and represent excellent value for money. As well as making it easier to move regiments around the table, they prevent the figures sliding around in their Really Useful Storage Box.
The musketeers are all from the Gallia range stocked by Warrior Miniatures. The Pikemen are a mixture of old figures I had knocking around and I'm unsure who manufactured them. All are mounted on 40 x 20mm mdf bases to suit other rule sets (i.e. FOGr or DBR) to maximise flexibility.

I've still got plenty left to paint, so I hope I can keep this momentum up. In my lead mountain I have more Musketeers & Pikemen, Scottish Warband figures, Scottish Lancers, Dragoons and Cavalry as well as a couple more Battalia command groups and another General base to construct.

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