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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Rommel 2mm

Nearly there! Almost finished all the terrain pieces I think I need to get started.

So far I've finished the following;-

  • 12 x Hills/Mountains
  • 12 x Bocage tiles
  • 12 x Wood/Forest Tiles
  • 10 x Swamp/soft going tiles
  • 1 x Built Up Area (BUA) tile with a small town (scratch built)
  • 1 x BUA tile with Irregular Small Village + Bocage
From a distance the BUA tile looks OK, but took a lot of fiddling to complete. The buildings are a mixture of 5mm Foamex Board and square section Plastruct together with artists modelling paste, sand and PVA. I think I need at least two more of these so I've ordered a couple of town terrain pieces from Irregular Miniatures to speed things up.
I thought I might get away with their village terrain piece as a BUA, but you can see from the above that its hard to tell the standard Bocage tiles and the village tile apart.
You'll see that I've also finished the river sections I spoke of. These have come out quite well, though I say so myself! 

Simply fine sand glued with PVA to create the two banks. Then sprayed Leather Brown before a rough dry brush of Vallejo Game Colour Camouflage Green. When dry, a light dry brush with yellow before painting the river in a Citadel Turquoise Blue. When dry this is given a coat of Army Painter Blue Wash before spray varnishing.

In total there are;-
  • 12 x 100mm lengths
  • 5 x 90mm lengths
  • 5 x 80mm lengths
  • 6 x bends on 20x20mm bases
  • 6 bridges on 20x20mm bases
The latter were scratch built using self-adhesive craft foam from Hobbycraft.
Finally I've finished 7 x Coastal Defence prepared positions.
These are all on 80x20mm bases so they can fit in a grid square along with any of my terrain features. These are also scratch built using self-adhesive craft foam from Hobbycraft, 5mm foamex board and artist modelling paste. Finished with some PVA and fine sand before priming with Army Painter Leather Brown.

I'm finally ready to try out a solo scenario to get to learn the rules. More on this soon.....


  1. Hi
    I love your terrain ideas and will try my best to copy them. Can you let me know what you did for woods?
    I'm thinking of buying the 2mm ones from irregular but not sure if they are worth it?

  2. Hi Sean,

    I used Woodland Scenics clump foliage, glued on to the mdf base with Bostik Contact Adhesive (£ shop). The edges of the base were textured with the acrylic paste I'd used elsewhere.....I left the area where the clumps were glued as they were as this area was covered. Obviously you can leave clearings, roads/tracks for a bit of variety! Hope this helps...let me know if you have any other questions.