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Monday, 22 January 2018

Rommel Scenario - "Operation Perch"

As a further taster here’s a draft version of the scenario map.

It’s somewhat stylised to ensure that all the key features of the battle area are included.

The Allied force enters the table and deploys in grid squares A:1- A:5. (Army Cards)

The historical plan for 7th Armoured Division was as follows;-
  • The 4th County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) (4th CLY), with a company of the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade, was to pass through Villers-Bocage and occupy the highest point of the ridge at Point 213.
  • The 1/7th Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) would follow up and occupy the town and the 5th Royal Tank Regiment (5th RTR) and a company of the Rifle Brigade, were to take high ground at Maisoncelles-Pelvey to the south-west of Villers-Bocage.
  • The 65th Anti-tank Battery of the Norfolk Yeomanry would cover the gap between the 4th CLY and the 5th RTR with 17pdr SP Achilles self-propelled anti-tank guns.
  • The 5th Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery (5th RHA), would follow the rest of the brigade group with its Sexton self-propelled guns.The 5th RHA and the brigade group tactical headquarters were established at Amayé-sur-Seulles
  • The two Hussar regiments were to provide flank protection against the Panzer-Lehr Division and uncover German positions either side of the line of advance
  • The 131st Infantry Brigade, with the 1st Royal Tank Regiment (1st RTR) and the 1/5th and 1/6th Queen's, was to hold Livry as a firm base.

The German Forces will be scattered to the East of the River Seulles.

I haven’t a clue how to do it yet, but will come up with some random system of generating force strengths together with when and where they enter the table. This will be made up of elements of Panzer Lehr, 2nd Panzer Division and of course Wittman’s 101 Heavy Tank Company.

The actual battle lasted two days culminating with 7th Armoured Division withdrawing to a holding position around Amayé-sur-Seulles. This was due to Brigadier “Looney” Hinde deciding to take an overnight stop around Livry following an attempted counter-attack from elements of Panzer Lehr.

For gaming purposes I think the battle will fit into the standard 16 turn game.

Please feel free to pass comment as this plan evolves.

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  1. RE your earlier 2mm D-Day post- Brigade models produce a good range of Atlantic Wall models(in their fortifications range) and Irregular miniatures now produce a Higgins boat/LCVP for amphibious landings in their IKB boats range that Ian was kind enough to cast for me.It should work well with their landing craft from the same range -Simon