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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Team Yankee New Plastic Soviets – Painted Part Two

I decided to start the basing with the support weapon bases. To accommodate the prone AT4 (Fagot) launcher figures I felt it best to level the areas where they’d be glued down. I did this with a smear of acrylic artist’s paste and left this to dry overnight.
Now I’m new to Battlefront’s pre-holed bases and naively thought the individual figure bases would fit exactly in the holes. Sadly the bases were just a bit smaller than the holes, leaving a noticeable gap. So having glued the support weapon assistant figures in place using superglue, I decided that I’d have to cover the bases with some sort of texture to hide these gaps.
I decided to use my old favourite – Vallejo’s grey pumice – for this purpose.
Where the prone figures were to be placed I left the surface free of texture to ensure a good bond and avoid them looking like they were perched on top rather than lying amongst the terrain. To ensure this happened I drew around the figures with pencil before applying the paste
.Spreading it on with a fine artist’s pallet knife it looks like snow as you apply it, but dries almost transparent.
All the other bases were coated with Vallejo’s grey pumice too.
When all was dry (overnight again), the surface was painted using a cheap craft acrylic paint from Hobbycraft – “Coffee Bean”. This was almost a perfect match for Battlefronts plastic bases. Once dry, I dry-brushed the surface with Iraqi Sand. Then finally the chamfered base edge was picked out in a lighter brown.
Once everything was completely dry, I sprayed firstly Army Painter Satin Varnish (to protect my paint job) followed by – once dry – Army Painter Anti-Shine Matt Varnish (to give a realistic finish).
The last job was to add a mixture of summer green and autumn flock.
Great miniatures can’t wait to try them out!


  1. Wonderful units, and a nice system!

  2. Thanks guys. Can’t fault these as a product. Highly recommended