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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Normandy Tour 2018 - The Tanks!

German 15cm SFH 18 Field Howitzer - Maisy Battery Museum (One of several!)

Selection of Panther tank components (Main Gun, Mantlet, Track & Road Wheel) - Museum D-Day Omaha

Close-up of Panther Roadwheel and track section. Inside the museum there was also an engine cover plate tucked away.

German 88mm Flak36 dual purpose gun at Museum D-Day Omaha

Goliath remote controlled tank as used at WN62 Omaha beach - Museum D-Day Omaha

M4A2 Sherman with 76mm Gun  at Overlord Museum Omaha

Sexton 25pdr Self-Propelled Gun (SPG) at Overlord Museum Omaha

M32B1 Armored Recovery Vehicle  (ARV)  on a section of Bailey Bridge - Overlord Museum Omaha 

M10 Tank Destroyer - Overlord Museum Omaha

Royal Marine Centaur Close Support Tank (95mm) - Pegasus Bridge Museum

!7 Pounder A/T Gun - Pegasus Bridge Museum 

M16 Halftrack with seperate Maxon Quad 0.50" Turret -  Pegasus Bridge Museum

LVT 2 - Utah Beach Museum

M4A3E8 Sherman at Utah Beach Museum
Churchill AVRE at Courselles-sur-Mer - an actual D-Day veteran

DD Sherman at Courselles-sur-Mer - an actual D-Day veteran

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