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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Warlord Games - 28mm Tiger I Ausf E

Next on my list was the Tiger I Ausf E.

As with the Panzer IV, this kit is moulded in a neutral grey polystyrene. Once again I primed the parts whilst still on their sprues and left the tracks off until the hull & turret were completed.

Luckily this mark of Tiger has the steel rimmed wheels so there were no rubber tyres to pick out in dark grey.

The hull (and turret) has some nice Zimmermit detail already moulded on, which picks up the dry-brushing nicely.

I used the supplied commander figure, who whilst a little slim, looks OK once painted up.

An extensive decal sheet is included with the kit, and I guess would benefit from one of the decal softening products to help them settle better into the Zimmermit contours. I really must invest in some of this stuff....

The finished model is very imposing on the table and I'm very pleased with the end result.

At around £18-20 to buy, it presents good value for money and is an easy, straight forward model to build. Highly recommended.

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