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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Bolt Action Dice - 3D Printed

I thought I'd give printing some dice a go, as I now feel I've a good solution to stop my prints from lifting.

My method is to; -

  1. clean the bed with mentholated spirit to degrease it
  2. apply Red, Hi-Tack masking tape (£2.50 for 5m from Wilkos)
  3. apply double sided (25mm wide) sticky tape over the masking tape

I found the files, as ever, on Thingiverse at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3171940 designed by dapoppa.

They are designed to be 19mm cubed, larger than the official dice from Warlord.

As suggested I turn the file within Cura to have the word "RUN" on the base as this would be the simplest to clean up after printing, and away I went.

I could fit 9 dice comfortable on my little print bed, though I think there was room for 12 at a squeeze!

Once finished I gave them a quick clean up with some wet & dry paper before starting to paint them up. To remove the double sided sticky tape, I've found that spray oil (WD40 for instance) will remove it. Afterwards a quick wash in detergent is required before paint will adhere.

I started by letting diluted black paint into the recessed letters. Once dry I dry brushed the upper surfaces with either white or light grey to differentiate who's side they represent.

Altogether not too bad. Ok they look like 3D printed dice, but they cost three fifths of bugger all to make where the real thing are about £1 each. They'll certainly do the job 😁


  1. Great idea! Cubes look vintage. "Old - but not useless" (c)

  2. Yes, what we would call "Shabby Chic!" :-)