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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

1/100 Zvezda Jagdtiger - Build Review

The points made previously apply to this kit too. the pictures below will show the main steps of the build.

Broken down into sub-assemblies

All the parts crisply moulded on two sprues

First sub-assembly is the fixed upper super-structure. Starting with the parts illustrated

These are assembled to form the above. All parts held together by the internal frame

Next assemble the lower hull...once again all the parts hang off a centrally placed frame

Make sure you get the frame the correct way up!

The mud guards and rear plate are then added together with the two cross members (just like the Tiger II)

The hull top goes on next

Followed by the Super-structure sub-assembly

Before finally fitting the two sides

The last step is to assemble the gun with it's ball joint end, which should be held in place by the frame in the super-structure. I found this a little too loose so glued the gun in place.
Again, thoroughly recommended. A really nice model and an impressive adversary on the table!

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