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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

1/100 Zvezda Maus - Build Review

I've always wanted a model of the legendary Maus. This provided a very affordable opportunity to fulfil that wish! As stated previously I cannot figure out the pricing structure for these kits as this is a big model! Pictures of the build below; -

Very simple step by step assembly

All the parts on two sprues

The gun assembly can be left movable once again. So be careful not to allow glue to enter the holes indicated

Here's another view of the assembled gun mounting. Leaving glue out of the holes indicated will leave the gun movable

The whole turret front+Gun mount is attached to the turret floor

Before adding the turret body and finally the gun assembly itself

Assembling the hull made me realise just how narrow the real hull must have been! Track units fit directly onto the hull and then the little frame is inserted on its side ready to attach the hull roof

With the hull top attached you can then add the hull sides

Finally glue the two halves of the fuel tank together and attach to the hull rear
What an impressive vehicle! Get one before they realise they can charge more!!

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